How to Earn Spins from Videos


Want to earn spins without spending money? Here is an easy way, go to:

Click on “Video Offers”

Pick a video that you want to watch so you can earn spins. They will tell you how many spins you will get from watching the video at the bottom of the video. Watching a video can earn you partial spins. What are partial spins, you say? For every 100 partial spins you collected, you will earn one spin.

After you click on the video that you want to watch, a new window will pop up and you can click on the image to watch the video. The video will either play on the pop up window or open up a new window. The videos are usually less than 7 minutes long and they are very entertaining! I just watched one from a make up stylish telling me how to use eye liner! It’s so easy to earn spins and at no cost!


If you have issues on missing spins from watching a video, please remember to do a screen capture after you watch the video and save it. In the case you did not get your spins, you can just email it to our customer support. For more information on how to handle missing spins, see our previous post here.

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